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25 Ever Lasting Love Quotes

Love is very important in life.Love teaches us how to live a happy and a healthy life with love we can win the hearts of other.Love is the only thing that brings peace in any country when there exists love in countries than the relations between any of these countries become stronger with time.So love

30+ Adorable Beauty Quotes For Her

Everyone is beautiful. I have been hearing this quote since my childhood and I have been wandering to know the meaning. But now, since the days have passed, I came to know the reality of this sentence. This world, in which we live, is full of people who are very beautiful. Some people have very

25 Romantic Valentine’s Day Quotes

Everyone among us wants to surprise our special one on Valentine’s Day. We all have special plans for that day. Some people go for a date with their love and some used to get gifts for their loved ones. Some used to wish their loved ones in a slightly special way and some used to

25+ Pain Quotes That Makes You Hopeful

It is often said life is not a bed of roses. Life is not like a calm and silent sea. To live a life means you have to sail in a destructive sea where sometimes there is silence and sometimes it’s a calamity. So, we cannot have happiness always. There are certain facts that are

35 Amazing And Motivational Girls Quotes

A girl is like stardust sparkling and glittering, a firefly wandering here and there spreading light and flower spreading fragrance in the whole world. This world is incomplete without a girl. They are little fairies. Their life starts with the affection and love of their parents. They are little angels for their mothers and fairies